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Ne'er Duke Well

(St. Martin's Press, 2024)

Peter Kent, the 9th Duke of Stanhope, has a taste for radical politics and a penchant for chaos. To secure guardianship of his young half-siblings, he must marry and turn respectable. For matchmaking help, he turns to Lady Selina Ravenscroft, society's most infallible debutante, whose perfect veneer hides one teeny-tiny secret: she runs an erotic circulating library for women.

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In Which Margo Halifax Earns Her Shocking Reputation

Halifax Hellions Book 1

The Halifax Hellions are the most scandalous, outrageous, ungovernable ladies in London. From the day of their debut—in which Matilda smoked a cheroot and Margo tied a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue—they’ve turned the ton upside down. But when Matilda elopes with a dangerous aristocrat, Margo must stop her twin before this new misadventure becomes a permanent marriage. For help, Margo turns to her brother’s best friend—because if anyone can get them to Scotland in time, it’s starchy solicitor Henry Mortimer.


Henry Mortimer has precisely one secret in his otherwise buttoned-up life: he’s been in love with Margo for seven wonderful, agonizing years. When she turns up at his doorstep, soaked to the skin and desperate for his help, he cannot turn her down. A week alone in a carriage with the object of his desires an arm’s length away? Surely he can survive that. He hopes. 


But the road to Scotland is paved with disasters—caves and crashes and the bloody rain that keeps forcing Henry to hold a damp, shivering, sinfully tempting Margo in his arms. Only an unstoppable force could drag the truth of Henry’s affection from his lips. Unfortunately for him, Margo Halifax has yet to be stopped.

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In Which Matilda Halifax Learns the Value of Restraint

Halifax Hellions Book 2

For seven years, Matilda Halifax and her twin have been the most scandalous ladies in London. But when Matilda accidentally sells erotic drawings of the brooding, reclusive Marquess of Ashford, she has—perhaps—gone a bit too far.


Christian de Bord, Lord Ashford, knows what it’s like to be notorious. Ever since he was accused of murdering his wife, prurient gossip has kept him isolated from society, alone and determined to protect his adolescent sister Bea. But when Matilda Halifax’s salacious pamphlet appears—featuring his own damned face!—he’s thrust back into the storm of public attention. 


Bea’s painting teacher quits. Christian’s life is in an uproar. And the only person he can find to replace Bea’s tutor at his terrifying Gothic castle is Matilda herself. The last thing Christian needs is another scandal—especially not one with the most sinfully tempting face he’s ever seen.


But Matilda is determined to right what she’s set wrong. One fake elopement later, Matilda finds herself in a carriage on the way to Northumberland with Christian, whose scowls do little to hide the wounds he carries or the scorching passion beneath his reserve. Only Matilda Halifax could turn Christian’s disciplined life so decidedly inside out—and only Matilda can persuade him that love just might be worth the risk.

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This free novella is available to newsletter subscribers only.

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