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Margo Halifax and The Swoon Awards + Halifax Hellions 3 Sneak Peek

8 March 2023

I'm beyond delighted to report that In Which Margo Halifax Earns Her Shocking Reputation took third place in the Swoon Awards categories for best romance novella and best romance debut of 2022. Thank you all so much to those who read, reviewed, and voted for Margo Halifax!

To celebrate, I'm offering a little sneak peek of the third Halifax Hellions novella: In Which Winnie Halifax Is Utterly RuinedCover and release date to come!

A New Free Novella Is Now Available

23 January 2023

Today's the day! Book 2 of the Halifax Hellions series—In Which Matilda Halifax Learns the Value of Restraintis now available. This novella tells the story of a hellion with a heart of gold who accidentally sells erotic drawings of a broody, reclusive marquess. (Oops!) Throw in a fake elopement, a grumpy cat, and a wintry road trip to Northumberland, and you've got the makings for total disaster—and also for a very sexy, extra-romantic love story. And best of all? It's free! Just sign up for my newsletter and Matilda Halifax will appear right in your inbox.

Three Regency Rom-coms Coming!

17 January 2023

I'm so delighted to announce that I will be publishing three Regency rom-com novels with St. Martin's Press, starting in 2024. You can add the first novel, Ne'er Duke Well, to your shelf on Goodreads now and check out the blurb here. I can't wait for you to read it!

Free Steamy Road-Trip Novella Available

19 September 2022

Y'all, I hope you love this novella, In Which Margo Halifax Earns Her Shocking Reputation, the first in a series about London's most scandalous debutantes and the poor doomed saps who fall in love with them. It's a very sexy, very swoony romp about a bold, outrageous heroine and the buttoned-up solicitor who's loved her for seven years. This is my love letter to the starchy one getting unstarched, and if that appeals, all you need to do is sign up for my newsletter and get this story right in your inbox.

BookEnds New Client Interview

8 August 2022

I am beyond thrilled to work with Jessica Alvarez at BookEnds. Jessica is an experienced agent who specializes in historical romance, and I'm still shocked to my core that she wanted to represent my book. I had fun completing BookEnds' new client interview, and I'd love it if you'd check it out. If you have any questions about the querying process, come chat with me on socials!

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